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1. Make a donation

Your donation will help LGBTI+ young people in crisis. Please click the Paypal logo below to support us!

2. Contribute in our charity events

  • Gala Night: It’s a charity event that we organize each May and aims to collect money to support LGBTI homeless youth. This event welcomes natives and foreigners, activists, diplomacy troops and artists.
  • OSAAB Annual International Holiday Bazaar: It takes place each year on December and exposes handmade work-art of Streha beneficiaries. You can have a beautiful memory for a modest price and your contributions will go for assuring the welfare of homeless LGBTI youth. As soon as you decide to contribute, contact us in our E-mail addresses for further details:

Fundraising guidelines

Here at Streha we want to make sure fundraising is fun, but your safety and wellbeing is our main priority. Therefore, follow these guidelines and the various rules and regulations about fundraising, together with any Health and Safety regulations that we apply while organizing the events.
Liability – When you donate for Streha please make sure it is clear that you are raising funds specifically for Streha and that your activities are being performed in a personal capacity. The charity cannot accept any responsibility for your event and/or anyone who participates in it. We advise that all fundraisers seek advice regarding public liability insurance if your event involves the general public.
Health and safety – Please make sure that your event is organized efficiently and safely, by completing a risk assessment and considering what insurance cover or any special licenses you may require from your local authority. All promotions of your event/activity should clearly state whether all the funds raised at your event will be going to Streha or whether a proportion of the money will be used to cover any of the costs incurred.

Corporate Partner

Without the generous support of the corporate community, Streha simply could not continue the vital work with LGBTI homeless youth. If you’d like more information about becoming a corporate partner or if you represent a
corporate LGBT network/employee resource group, please contact: Be part of the action!

Leave a Legacy

Each type of contribution would improve a part of our beneficiaries, so don’t hesitate to donate. Your help might include clothes, books, school materials and so on. Your gift will remain as a legacy for young people who are not having their best time. Your contribution is appreciated! If you need further information regarding the types of contributions, contact us in our E-mail addresses:


We believe and appreciate human contributions! Whether you want to support directly our work with young people, get involved in fundraising
and events or offer specialist advice and support in a chosen field, please get in touch. We will be honest with you if we don’t currently have the right volunteering opportunity to fit your skills.

Becoming a volunteer takes 3 simple steps:

  • Check out our range of volunteering opportunities available .
  • Complete our online application .
  • A member of the Streha team will get back to you about next steps!

Here’s the form. We will:

  • Process your application and be in touch within 14 days.
  • Start the process of getting you on board within 21 days.
  • Have you volunteering for us within 6 weeks, depending on the role.

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