Streha featured as a successful regional case study by IRIS Network

Streha has been featured as one of the stories in the Regional Brochure of Innovative Case Studies, recently published by IRIS Network.

IRIS  Network  connects more  than 200 organisations  delivering social services within the region of Western Balkans.

CSO  involved in the work  of  IRIS  are providing necessary social and health services to  10.000 beneficiaries each day.

The main objective  of this  document is  to highlight  the achievements and success of the services  that ‘’Streha’’  provides to LGBTI+ community as a  unique, essential and  meaningful service in  Albania and Albanian speaking region.

“Streha’’ contributes  to the  empowerment  of LGBTI+ people,  mainly young people, through multidisciplinary  and residential  services,  capacity building of  service providers, public awareness and advocacy in  order  to  overcome  the  barriers  and  difficulties  encountered  in  the family and society by LGBTI+ community.

Between  2014  and  2020,  Streha  has  provided  10  800  bed  nights of accommodation and supported 230 cases  of which 150 beneficiaries  have  been  helped  through  the  distance  support  program.

While thanking IRIS for their support in the strengthening or our organizational capacities, we are sharing below the full brochure, with all the successful case studies from the region.

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