Perceptions of marginalized communities on EU integration

As part of the I Choose EU project, a study was conducted on the perceptions of Albanian citizens on EU integration and the implementation of human rights laws.

The study was conducted by Dr. Elda Zotaj and M.Sc. Gentiola Madhi and the Shelter Center as part of a project focused on protecting the values ​​of democracy through European integration.

This study aims to provide an overview of the perceptions of young people in general and of vulnerable and marginalized groups in particular, on the process of Albania’s integration into the European Union, and how they see the level of implementation of the applicable legal framework on respect for human rights.

In this study, a total of 423 questionnaires were conducted in Tirana, Durres, Shkodra, Gjirokastra, and Korça, through direct interviews (301), online surveys (122) and 10 semi-structured interviews with representatives of civil society organizations and activists human rights and representatives of public institutions.

Divided into two samples, one conducted during field meetings and workshops and the other sample online, the overall evaluation of both samples gives us insights into the knowledge these individuals have about the country’s EU and EU integration processes and their rights. or the enforceability of laws that protect these rights in our country.

Concerning the protection of human rights, the majority of respondents think that there is still work to be done in respecting their rights.

The survey notes that trust in institutions is still weak and that cases of discrimination are still not reported en masse, despite institutions’ efforts to be more sensitive and responsive to cases of discrimination.

Another worrying fact is the evidence that marginalized communities in the country have to leave and emigrate out of Albania, and their greater extent to irregular forms of immigration.

Of the 301 respondents in the field, 81.1% (248) stated that they thought to leave the country, while 3.6% of them have not yet considered such a possibility. Of the group of people who want to leave, 74.1% of them see illegal immigration as the best option and the main reason for emigration is economic reasons.

The full study will be published in the upcoming weeks as a product of a 1-year work carried out by the Shelter Center and Pro-LGBT, part of the I Choose EU project, funded by the European Union Delegation in Tirana and implemented by the Ministry of Finance and Economy (CFCU Albania).

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