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Do you have an emergency? You don’t know what to do? Call 112. Streha can offer housing advice: +355 69 98 39 189.

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“Streha” shelter supports homeless LGBTI youth who live in hostile environments – to find safe homes, employment, education, training and re-integrate and consolidate their identity.

Do you identify yourself as LGBTI? Are you aged from 18 to 25? Are you homeless or at risk? Are you living in a violent, hostile or abusive environment? 

If so, Streha can help you to: 

  • Stay safe during a crisis. 
  • Find accommodation during an emergency.
  • Access our specialists support. 
  • Develop skills, identify and achieve life goals. 

We achieve these by offering: 

  • Access to get advice from one of our housing specialists.
  • Live connection with a mentor for one to one support. 
  • Evaluation of needs and support with specific services.
  • Access to life skills training, events and peer support networks in order to achieve personal empowerment. 

To find out how we can help you, see below: 


We evaluate each referral case after case. Following an initial conversation, if our services are for you, we will invite you in for an assessment with a member of staff, to discuss about your situation and the circumstances
around your housing problems. From that moment our staff will provide support, advice and guidance for you. This could also include:

  • Completing forms.
  • Meetings with the evaluation staff.
  • Providing instant accommodation.

We may also refer you into our Mentoring program (including live chat). We can only discuss potential referrals to other areas of support. This will be discussed with you and will depend on your individual situation. If you are thinking about accessing Streha services, having the following items can make a big difference in our housing procedures:

  • Your own photo ID, passport or driving license.
  • Health card.
  • Your bank account (with 3 months of statements).
  • Being able to give to Streha’s staff the details of two people who can provide you with a character reference (employer, youth worker, nurse, teacher, social worker, institution).

Even if you don’t have these items, please do still get in touch with us. To make an online referral to Streha, click here: Application form.

Safe House

The first house for LGBTI young people when being assisted in distance, it’s called Safe House. At Safe House, young people have the necessary safety and space to secure housing, employment, training, whilst learning to live independently. During this time, their progress is being observed by our team specialists. The purpose of this initiative is to assist young LGBTI people seeking for help on their empowerment, re-integration, as decent individuals within the society.

This kind of assistance is offered to all the beneficiaries who: have applied but are above the allowed number of beneficiaries for staying in Streha; have passed the permitted time of staying; are under 18 or above 25 years old; are not at a high level of risk for integration. The assessment is individual for each case and the multi-disciplinary team evaluates them.

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If you need support, get help .

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