We appreciate all types of contribution! Whether you want to support directly our work with young people, get involved in fundraising and events, or offer specialist advice and support in a chosen field, please get in touch.

Your donation directly helps a LGBTI+ community member in crisis.

Our partners at AFFIRM: Baptists Together for LGBT+ Inclusion have made possible the creation of a PayPal link for donations. You can make a single donation, a recurrent one, or simply get in touch with us for your physical donations.

While current costs and expenses tend to keep rising, we seek to continue providing our residents with the best care possible that meets all of their needs. Your support empowers our community and helps us provide life-changing services for LGBTI+ youth.

We are always in need of new clothes for our residents, linens and bedding, utensils, and books.

To ensure full transparency, here is an average breakdown of our monthly expenses.  Amounts are given in USD ($) and rounded up to the nearest dollar:

  • Utilities- $142
  • Shelter’s Maintenance – $150
  • Household Supplies – $186
  • Medical Supplies – $312
  • Food – $1141
  • Drinking water – $ 261
  • Art Therapy Supplies – $35
  • Vocational Courses – $327
  • Support after leaving the shelter – $250 per beneficiary.

For more information, have a look at our fundraising guidelines here.

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