Charity Gala

The Annual Charity Gala is a cornerstone of Streha’s fundraising efforts and essential for maintaining the high level of care and
support we provide to those in need. Streha stands as a beacon of hope for many LGBTI+ individuals, offering crucial services such as shelter, education,
healthcare, counseling, and life skills training, empowering them to integrate into society and lead fulfilling lives.

Our Charity Gala Nights have become a beautiful tradition, promoting diversity and championing change in the heart of Albanian society.

Join us in Celebrating Diversity and Solidarity!

GALA 2024

We are thrilled to announce Streha’s 8th Charity Gala, dedicated to supporting the LGBTIQ+ community, scheduled for May 16th. An established tradition, Streha’s Charity Gala has grown to become a significant event dedicated to supporting Albania’s only LGBT+ shelter in Tirana. This special occasion is not just an event—it’s a lifeline for our shelter. It

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