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Homelessness is just one of many serious challenges that Albania’s LGBT+ community faces. Discrimination and violence from family members and the community are prevalent. STREHA believes that LGBT+ youth should not have to choose between having a safe home and living their true lives.Our services include a safe and supportive living environment for a period

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In Albanian, streha means “shelter.” True to our name and mission, we offer a safe space where everyone’s journey is met with kindness, understanding, and unwavering support. Our team of hardworking professionals is driven to giving each person who walks through our doors services that are unique and fit their specific needs. We aim to

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STREHA supports the integration of as many as possible LGBTI people, in a free, open, equal and inclusive society. Since its establishment in December 2014, STREHA has been a source of hope and strength for Albanian LGBTI+ youth.  It emerged as the first non-publicly run residential center dedicated to providing sanctuary and support to LGBTI+

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