In Albanian, streha means “shelter.” True to our name and mission, we offer a safe space where everyone’s journey is met with kindness, understanding, and unwavering support. Our team of hardworking professionals is driven to giving each person who walks through our doors services that are unique and fit their specific needs. We aim to make a safe and welcoming space where everyone feels respected, valued, and heard, with a focus on empowerment.

We help people get through tough times and reach their goals by providing a range of services that work well together and support each other. We make sure that no one is left behind by being open, fair, and dedicated to equality. 

Our Values:

  • Unique services
  • Qualified and experienced team members
  • Respect and assurance towards individuals’ personalities
  • No discrimination
  • Integrated and complementary services
  • Universality
  • Partnership 
  • Transparency and equity 
  • Empowerment and re-integration
At Streha, everyone is accepted for who they are, and we are all working together to make the future better and more hopeful.
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