Streha Center

The first residential center in Albania providing support for the LGBTI community.

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Streha shelter supports homeless LGBTI youth who live in hostile environments – to find safe homes, employment, education, training and re-integrate and consolidate their identity.

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Do you want to help Streha and their partners in improving LGBTI youth life? Donate now and make the difference! Your donation will help LGBT young people in crisis.

The Annual Charity Gala is a cornerstone of Streha’s fundraising efforts and essential for maintaining the high level of care and
support we provide to those in need. Streha stands as a beacon of hope for many LGBTI+ individuals, offering crucial services such as shelter, education,
healthcare, counseling, and life skills training, empowering them to integrate into society and lead fulfilling lives.

Our Charity Gala Nights have become a beautiful tradition, promoting diversity and championing change in the heart of Albanian society.

Join us in Celebrating Diversity and Solidarity!

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